Falling in Love by Belle Calhoune

Charlotte Duvall is a member of the prestigious Duvall family of Savannah. Charlotte has always considered herself the most unremarkable member of the Duvall family. She suffers from low self-confidence and doesn’t view herself as attractive. Charlotte has a deep desire to find love and harmony. A big champion of her older brother, Case, Charlotte has been harboring a big grudge against Marc Cabron, the man who came between Case and his fiancée, Fancy. But when she has to work with Marc on Savannah House business, she finds herself seeing a new side to the man she despises.
Marc Cabron has recently returned to Savannah after a self-imposed exile. He left Savannah in disgrace after falling in love with an engaged woman, Fancy Tolliver. Now, in light of his father’s terminal illness, Marc has come back to Savannah to support his family and face down the demons of the past. But when the ladies of Savannah House ask for his assistance in a very important matter, Marc must summon his courage to step back into the public eye. Marc finds himself butting heads with Charlotte Duvall, a woman who cannot stand the sight of him. But when Marc and Charlotte begin to spend time in each other’s company, romance blossoms.
Can the past be put to rest in order for Marc and Charlotte to find true, enduring love?

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