Standing on the Edge of Goodbye by #MaryAlford

She gave up everything in the name of love and it almost cost Kate Alexander her life. Now alone and pregnant, Kate is desperate to reach the one person who matters in her life. Her Grandmother Rachel.

Overcome with grief, Kate collapses in his arms. But there’s no denying something is terribly wrong with her. Matt discovers Kate is pregnant.

After the death of his son, Matt Stevens checked out on life and God, but when Kate shows up at his doorstep desperate and sick, Matt finds himself wanting to help her. Is it just for Rachel’s sake? He loved Rachel like a family member, but lately, since Kate’s entrance into his life, well, he’s thinking about things he’d written out of his life. Things like love and a future with Kate and her child.

Is it possible for two broken people to rebuild their lives and start over? Can Matt accept the second chance at happiness Kate can provide? For the first time in a long time Matt wants to try.

But can Kate trust Matt when he tells her love isn’t supposed to hurt?

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