Angel Academy by R.W. Verner

David Ward, Lucy Garcia, Sameer Gupta, Tiger Kobayashi, and Ethan Parker are college students that could not be more different from one another. They’re all strangers, but they go to the same University in Houston

David suffers with addiction to pornography. Lucy is conflicted by her stance on science versus religion. Sameer suffers from persecution as a Christian. Tiger is an atheist and drug addict. Ethan is an alcoholic.

When they all reach their most desperate hours, they have just one thing in common: They reach out to God. Soon after, they each receive a strange text from someone known only as “The Recruiter.” When they make the choice to meet this mysterious person, they are recruited to the Angel Academy. There, they are shown the mysteries of God, learning to defend and protect as angels do—even coming face-to-face with Jesus himself.

They all come to know their Savior better and must make the choice within themselves to become a Watcher. However, when faced with the strategies of the Enemy they must use what they have learned, or their lives will never be the same.

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